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Transport and Refuelling prior to leaving the UK

By 28 August 2020No Comments

All personnel using Mil White Fleet vehicles are to be aware of the requirement to use Mil POL points where possible over the use of fuel cards when travelling to the point of departure from the UK. Invicta Park Bks, Maidstone, ME14 2NA and Risborough Bks, Folkestone,  CT20 3HW are the two closest to the Euro Tunnel and Ferry ports for travel to Calais.

This Mechanical Transport Fuelling Installations Guide gives details of all the locations and requested information that you require.

All deployed personnel will require European Highway Code Matrix Test prior to driving Leased W/F military vehicles throughout the duration.

Ref: JSP 800 Vol 5 Pt 1 (Ver 8.2 Jul 20) Leaflet 56 Para 2 (b)

PTN Para 3, 7, 8