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Military Training Exercises in Austria

By 27 August 2020No Comments

As of Mon 27 Jul 20, the following entry requirements for military personnel apply:

Military personnel who wish to visit Austria do not currently need a COVID-19 test or a 14-day quarantine if in the last 10 days they have not visited an area classified as a risk area, (list of risk areas can be found under

Should a visit have taken place to one of this risk areas you require a COVID-19 test certificate (not older than 4 days at time of entry into Austria).

The requirements for a visit have been tightened, the Ministry of Defence in Austria requires the CBMP form version 2.1 and only accepts this if filled out completely.

The following points are often neglected but are the decisive points for obtaining a diplomatic clearance. On the CBMP Form:

  • Point 4 / PURPOSE OF TRAVEL – address of the accommodation and activities during the visit
  • Point 7 / BORDER ENTRY AND EXIT POINT – details of which border crossing you use if not in the dropdown list available please write the border point yourself into the box
  • Sheet / ANNEX PERSONNEL – complete list of participants in advance, if this is not available the application will be rejected (the names must match the Military ID or Passport)

We need a minimum of 14 working days to process the request for diplomatic clearance. Entry is only possible with positive confirmation from the Austrian MoD. We therefore request that you submit your application to in good time!