Results 2018

Army Championships 2018

Army Champions Men
Army Champions: Cpl Ivan Londal – LCpl Rick Ray, 3 PARA
Runners up: Sgt Dan Hawker, RMAS – LCpl Jimmy Newson, 3 PARA

Army Champions Women
Army Champions: WO2 Smith, RSA Larkhill – 2Lt Jess Elkington, 26 Regt RA
Runners up: Capt Ellett, 26 Engr Regt – Cpl Dom Burge, DMGS

Army Novice Champions Men: LCpl Ben Gundry, 42 Engr Regt – Sgt Dan Brown, 22 Engr Regt

Fastest Brakeman: Pte Luke Dawes, 2 PARA

Fastest Brakewoman: Cpl Dom Burge, DMGS

1. RA: WO2 Sarah Smith, 2Lt Jess Elkington
2. RE/QARANC: Capt Jo Ellett, Cpl Dom Burge

1. PARA: Cpl Ivan Londal, LCpl Rick Ray
2. PARA: Sgt Dan Hawker, LCpl Jimmy Newson
3. PARA: Sgt Doc Dacres, Pte Luke Dawes
4. RE: LCpl Ben Gundry, Sgt Dan Brown
5. RTR: Cpl Adam Cundy, LCpl Jamie Dixon
6. PARA: Pte Brian Summers, Pte Connor McLeod

Results 2017

Army Championships 2017

Army Champions Men
Army Champions:  Pte Brown – LCpl Round. 3 PARA
Runners up:  LCpl Londal – Cpl Little 3 PARA

Army Champions Women
Army Champions:  Lt Elliot 26 Engr Regt- Capt Wyatt 42 Engr Regt
Runners up:  WO2 Smith RSA Larkhill- SSgt Jarman 11 Sig Regt

Army Junior Champion
Pte Summers – Pte Cleaver 3 PARA

Army Novice Champion
Pte Gleeson- Pte Joseph 3 PARA

Fastest Brakeman
Men – Pte Joseph. 3 PARA
Women – Capt Wyatt

Fastest Novice Brakeman
Cpl Marenghi PARA

Results 2016

Army Championships 2016

Based on runs 1&2 of the Inter Service Champs – Fri 11 Mar 16

The Army Champs were held alongside the Inter Service race due to the technical difficulty of the track. The sliders were not ready to race at Winterberg at the end of RACING ICE 2 so a decision on safety grounds was taken to delay until the following week.

Army Champs

Runners up – Cpl Dougie Callard 2 PARA & LCpl Steve Round 3PARA
Army Champions – LSgt Lamin Deen Gren Gds & Pte Ricky Wilde 3 PARA
Fastest brakeman – Pte Ricky Wilde (5.38 secs)

Junior Champs

1st Place – Pte Jonathan Brown & Pte Nick Gleeson (Pte Jason Joseph took second run due to brakeman injury during run 1) 3 PARA
Fastest brakeman – Pte Jason Joseph (5.54 secs)

Novice Champs

Runners up – Pte Ollie Harrison 2 PARA & Sgt Aaron McHale SFSG
Novice Champions – Cpl Dougie Callard 2 PARA & LCpl Steve Round 3 PARA
Fastest brakeman – Pte Nick Gleeson 3 PARA (5.42 secs)

Women’s Champs

WO2 Sarah Smith RSA Larkhill & Sgt Bella Pearson ATR Winchester
Fastest brake woman – Sgt Bella Pearson (6.24 secs)


British Bobsleigh Championships – Sat 12 Mar 16

British 2 Man Champions

LSgt Lamin Deen GREN GDS & SAC John Baines RAF

Runners Up

Cpl Dougie Callard 2 PARA & Sgt Aaron McHale SFSG

Veteran Champions

Mr Sean Olsson (late PARA) & Sgt Steve Smith 3 PARA

Female Champions

WO2 Sarah Smith RSA Larkhill & Sgt Bella Pearson ATR Winchester

Results 2015

Inter Services 2015


The results of the Inter Service Bobsleigh Championships which concluded on Fri 13 Mar 15 in La Plagne.

For the first time in a number of years the Army Male Team took the Team Trophy beating the RAF by over 3 seconds over 4 runs. The RN brought up the rear and were awarded the wooden spoon. The Team Trophy is regarded as the main event.

The Army Team were as follows:

  • LSgt Lamin Deen/LCpl James Steele
  • Pte Jonathon Brown/LCpl Darren Little
  • Cpl Dan Hawker/Pte Ricky Wilde
  • Kgn Matt Lucas/Pte Daryn Smith

LSgt Deen/LCpl Steele were the Individual Champions

LCpl Steel was awarded the Fastest Brakeman Trophy

Sgt “Smudge” Smith from 3 PARA was awarded the Presidents Trophy for all the work he has done in building up the 3 PARA bobsleigh team with their physical training and the brakeman coaching; there were 2 drivers and 4 brakeman from 3 PARA in the Army Team.

Mr Sean Olsson (late PARA) and Mr Steve McFall (late RAF) were the bobsleigh coaches for the 2 weeks and they did a fantastic job of coaching the drivers as La Plagne is a very technical and challenging track.

Great news that LSgt Lamin Deen also placed 5th in the World Championships in Winterberg in the Four Man Bobsleigh  in early March.

Results 2014

Army Bobsleigh Championships 2014

Army Novice Championships

1st – Pte Darren Smith/LCpl Darren Little 3 PARA (Inf Team)
2nd – Lt Mike Hague 1RTR/Sgt Steven Burnell RAPTC

Fastest Novice Brakeman (5.51 secs) – LCpl Darren Little 3 PARA (Inf Team)

Army Junior Championships

1st – Pte Ivan Londal/Pte Jonathan Brown 3 PARA (Inf Team)
2nd – Cpl Nathan Dacres/LCpl Tooks Tanuku 3 PARA (Inf Team)

Fastest Junior Brakeman (5.51 secs) – Pte Ricky Wilde 3 PARA (Inf Team)

Army Championships

1st – Pte Ivan Londal/Pte Jonathan Brown 3 PARA (Inf Team)
2nd – Cpl Dan Hawker/Pte Ricky Wilde 3 PARA (Inf Team)

Fastest Army Brakeman (5.51 secs) – tied with LCpl Darren Little & Pte Ricky Wilde 3 PARA (Inf Team)

Army Women’s Champions

1st – SSgt Sarah Smith/Bdr Arabella Pearson RA

Ten teams took part in the Championships.

Results 2013

Inter Service Championships 2013


On Race day, it was the best three sleds in each Service to count towards the Team Event. The RN fielded three teams whilst the ARMY and RAF each had four teams. After four runs over two days the final results for the Army were as follows:

Individual Event:

2nd – LSgt Lamin Deen/Sgt Steve Smith
6th – Pte Ivan Londal/Pte Ricky Wilde (Novices)
9th – Pte James Steel/Pte Daryl Smith (Novices)
11th – Cpl Nepton Dacres/Pte Devin D’Hotman (Novices)

For the first time in living memory the RAF won the Team Event. The Army were second and the RN/RM took home the wooden spoon for coming third.

In the female event, the Army was only able to field one female sled and it was driven by Sgt Sarah Smith (a novice driver). The RN only had one sled whilst the RAF had two. In the individual event the RN came first and in the team event, where two sleds were needed to count, the RAF took the top slot.

Considering that the majority of the Army team for the 2013 Inter Service Championships were novices, it was an impressive result. The male team had strength and depth which supported the experienced Deen and Smith. This was also the first Inter Services for Sgt Sarah Smith as a driver and she performed really well; so well in fact that she remained in Igls to take part in the British Championships where she produced an excellent days sliding.

The Army Bobsleigh is a young team to build upon for the future.

Army Bobsleigh Championship 2013


There were nine bobs in the Army Championship race:

  1. Lsgt Lamin Deen/Sgt Smudge Smith 1 Gren Gds & 3 PARA
  2. Pte James Steel/Pte Ricky Wilde 3 PARA
  3. Pte Ivan Londal/Pte Jamie Beale 3 PARA
  4. Sgt Billy Bathgate/Cpl Rich Harnott 1RTR
  5. Pte Sam Pemberton/Pte Mike Morris 3 Royal Anglian
  6. Capt Chris Roberts/Capt John Climpson QDG & 3 PARA
  7. LCpl Dale Langan/LCpl Adrian Wong HAC
  8. LCpl Mark Murphie/Pte Daryl Smith 3 PARA
  9. Cpl Nepton Dacres/Pte Devin D’Hotman 3 PARA

It was a fantastic race (no crashes) – the RAF and RN were watching the first run and disappeared quite swiftly after they saw some of the times! All were novices apart from Lamin and Smudge.

The results were:

Army Champion Bob – Lamin/Smudge
Runner Up – James Steel/Ricky Wilde
Fastest Brake – Smudge – Start time of 5.48

Army Novice Champion Bob – James Steel/Ricky Wilde
Runner Up – Ivan Londal/Jamie Beale
Fastest Brake – Ricky Wilde – Start time of 5.63