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From the inaugural Olympic Winter Games (Chamonix 1924) until Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936 there were no “official” Army winter sports activities. The following are known to have competed for GBR whilst serving in the Army:

LtThomas ArnoldWiltshiresBob1924 (4-man SILVER)
MajRalph BroomeRTCBob1924 (4-man SILVER)
CaptFrederick (Boy) BrowningGREN GDSBob1928
MajEric CarruthersRAIce Hockey1924 (BRONZE), 28
LtPercy Legard5 INNIS DGNordic Combination1936
MajAlexander RichardsonBedfordsBob1924 (4-man SILVER)

The Army Winter Sports Association was founded as the Army Ski Association in 1947. Army Winter Olympians from 1948 (St. Moritz) – 2018 (PyeongChang) are listed below:

At the first post War Olympic Winter Games in St Moritz 1948, “Winter Pentathlon” (Alpine, Cross Country, Equestrian, Fencing, Shooting) made its only Olympic appearance – as a Demonstration Sport. The BOA does not appear to recognise the 1948 “Winter Pentathlon” although the results are recorded in the Official IOC Report for St Moritz 1948. All four GBR athletes were serving in the Army at the time. Maj Derek Allhusen, who was awarded the US Silver Star in 1944, was a remarkable athlete and at the age of 54 went on to win Olympic Gold & Silver Medals in the Three Day Event in Mexico City 1968. Maj Percy Legard won no medals, but competed in Modern Pentathlon in the 1932 & 1936 Summer Games and in the Nordic Combined in the 1936 OWG!

LCplTerry AhrensQRLParalympic - Biathlon & Cross Country1998
MajDerek Allhusen9th LancersWinter Pentathlon1948
BdrFred AndrewRABiathlon1964, 68
LCplDave ArmstrongGREN GDSBob1988
LtRichard AylmerRACross Country1956
GnrRoger BeanRABiathlon1968
BdrDave BelamRHACross Country1992, 94
LtDavid Borradaile15/19 HAlpine1968
LtJohn BoyagisINT CORPSAlpine1948, 52
Sgt (Retd)Mick BrennanR SignalsParalympic - Alpine2014
SgtPeter (Corrie) Brown2 RTRBob1980, 84
LBdrTom CairneyRACross Country1956
CplTom ClemensDDLIBiathlon2006
CplTom DakinQDGCross Country1968
LCplNeil DanbyREBiathlon1988
LCplCarl DaviesR SIGNALSBiathlon1988
CplJackie DaviesR SIGNALSBob2002, 2006
SgtJohn DaviesR SIGNALSBob1980
LSgtLamin DeenGREN GDSBob2014
LtRobin DentRABiathlon & Cross Country1964
LCplMichael DixonRECross Country1984
Biathlon1988, 92, 94, 98, 2002
CaptThe Hon Robin T DixonGREN GDSBob1964 (2-man GOLD), 1968
CplDouglas ElliotR SIGNALSCross Country1972, 26
CplGeorge FarrellR SIGNALSBob1992, 94
CplGraeme FergusonREBiathlon1976, 80, 84
CaptAubrey FielderRACross Country1956
CplEmma FowlerRLCBiathlon2006
LCplMark Gee2 RTRBiathlon1994, 98, 2002
CplPaul GibbinsREMEBiathlon1976, 80
Cross Country1976
PteNick GleesonPARABob2018
SgtMick GoodeRACross Country1980
SgtMaurice GoverREMECross Country1956
MajDominick (Toby) GrahamRHACross Country1956
CaptEric GroundsQDGBob1976
SgtMalcolm HirstDWRBiathlon1972, 76
CplPatrick HowdleREBiathlon1984
CaptHugh HutchisonREFreestyle1992, 94
CplPhilip JacklinRCTCross Country1980
LCpl / LBdrLee Steve Jackson2 YORKS (Green Howards) / RABiathlon2010, 2014
LCplLauren JeffreyINT CORPSCross Country1984
SgtAlan JonesQDGBob1972
LtDuncan JonesR SIGNALSBob1976
CaptJen KehoeREParalympic - Alpine Guide2018 (GOLD, 2 x SILVER, BRONZE)
BdrTrevor KingRABiathlon1984, 88
SprMark LanginREBiathlon1988
MajCP (Percy) Legard5 Innis DGWinter Pentathlon1948
CaptJohn (Spud) LeaningRABiathlon1968
CplAmanda LightfootAGCBiathlon2014, 18
CplMalcolm (Gomer) LloydQDGBob1972, 76, 80, 84
LCplCharles MaclvorRCTCross Country1980
2LtCharlach MackintoshSCOTS GDSAlpine1956, 60
CplAndrew MainREBiathlon1964
BdrDavid MarshallRACross Counrty1984
LtR Alec Montgomerie9/12 LAlpine1964
CaptJohn MooreRACross Country1956, 60, 64
Biathlon1960, 64
LtMark MooreRACross Country1984
2LtAndrew MorganRASCCross Country1956, 60, 64
Capt (Retd)Tony Nash4/7 DGBobsleigh1964 (2-man GOLD), 1968
SprEd NicollREBiathlon1988
LtAnthony Norton13/18 HBob1976
CplAlan NotleyRGJBiathlon1964, 68, 72
CaptHenry NwumeRAMCBob2010
CaptJohn OakesIRISH GDSAlpine1960
LtAndrew Ogilvie-WedderburnBWBob1976, 80
CplKeith OliverRCTBiathlon1972, 80
Cross Country1972, 76
CplSean OlssonPARABob1994, 98 (4-man BRONZE)
BdrTerry PalliserRACross Country1972
LtStuart ParkinsonREAlpine1948
CplLenny PaulR ANGLIANBob1988, 92, 94, 98
CaptRoger Potter2 RTRBob1980
CplJackie PriceQDGBob1972, 76, 80
CaptDavid PritchardWGBob1980
LCplHugh PritchardHAC (TA)Biathlon2002
CaptMike Pugh2 RTRBob1980, 84
BdrJohn ReadRACross Country1992
BdrDavid ReesRACross Country1964
GnrBen RexRABiathlon1988
GnrAudley RichardsRABob1988
LBdrKen RuddRABiathlon1992, 94
LCplPaul RyanREBiathlon1992
LCplNeil ScarisbrickREME (1 RTR)Bob2002
CplGlen Scott2 RTRCross Country1992
CaptRobin SeelRGJBob1964
2LtPeter SeilernLGAlpine1956
CplEric SekwalorPARABob1994, 98
COHNorman ShuttHCavBiathlon & Cross Country1960
LCplJason SkelnarREBiathlon1992, 2002
CplHoward SmithQDGBob1984
CaptJimmie SpencerRACross Country1956
SgtJeffrey StevensREMEBiathlon1972, 76
BdrPeter StrongRACross Country1972
CplBill SweetQDGBob1972, 76
LCplGraham SweetQDGBob1976
CplPeter TancockQDGBiathlon & Cross Country1968
SgtHarry TaylorRAAlpine1948
CaptNigel Thimbley11 HBob1964
BdrHarry TobinRACross Country1972
LCplMark Tout2 RTRBob1984, 88, 92, 94
CaptJohn Walker5 INNIS DGWinter Pentathlon1948
CplPaula WalkerR SIGNALSBob2010, 2014
MajTony Wallington2 RTRBob1980, 84
CplDean WardPARABob1994, 1998 (4-man BRONZE), 2002
LCplMarty WatkinsRCTCross Country1984, 88
CplIan WhiteheadRMPLuge1992
MajMaurice WilloughbyHLIWinter Pentathlon1948
SgtJim WoodRE / APTCBiathlon1980, 84
LtJonnie Woodall4/7 DGLuge1972
CplIan WoodsREBiathlon1992, 94

Research by Lt Col (Retd) Mark Goodson late RTR. Sources: AWSA, BOA, IBU, BSSF, SCGB
Detailed historical results can be obtained from: (all Winter & Summer Olympic Games 1896 – 2018) – which is far more detailed than the IOC website: For Paralympic Games from 1960 go to: