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By 8 November 2023No Comments

If units are travelling without weapons and ammunition and are only taking personal equipment then they should book ferry crossings through HRG as “passenger” bookings.

If units take stores items (e.g. weapons, bulk ammunition, equipment, “unaccompanied baggage”, team stores, etc.) the commercial designation switches to “cargo” and in military terms this means it is a mixed freight and passenger booking. At this point HRG should not process the booking and it should be booked via NMCC(A), who deliver freight, mixed freight and passenger bookings. Advice can be sought from

Recent examples have seen units trying to cancel existing bookings on the Stenaline Kiel-Gothenburg crossing because they want to book Colorline route Kiel-Oslo. This is seen as an easier journey and they may have been inaccurately advised that they can take ammunition on this crossing. Colorline’s current cargo policy is that 1.4S ammunition cannot travel between Kiel-Oslo. This is a change to previous company policy. Previous journeys should not be seen as a justification for future travel.

There also remains a requirement to gain Transit Clearances for journeys in addition to any Diplomatic Clearances. NMCCA advice on this can be sought from