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Exercise SPARTAN HIKE (Ex SH) is one of the two essential Qualification competitions for both the Army Alpine and Nordic Ski Championships and incorporates the Army Reserve Ski Championships. It will take place in Serre Chevalier, France during the period 10 – 20 Jan 21.

Aim of Ex SH

The aim of Ex SH is to provide competitors with an arduous and challenging racing programme, using standard facilities, physically demanding and technical courses in order to identify the champion Unit and qualifiers for the Army Alpine and Nordic Championships, whilst enhancing the moral and physical components of fighting power.

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Risk Assessment
Medical Plan


The Ex SH outline programme is as follows and is subject to change:

Date Alpine Nordic
Thu 7 Jan 21 Officials arrive
Sat 9 Jan 21 Team Registration
Sun 10 Jan 21 GS – Seeding Inspect XC Courses
Mon 11 Jan 21 GS – Individual Cross Country Relays (4 x 5km) Classic
Tue 12 Jan 21 GS – Team Cross Country Individual Classic (15 / 10km)
Wed 13 Jan 21 Slalom – Individual Inspect Biathlon Courses
Thu 14 Jan 21 Slalom – Team Biathlon Individual (10 / 7.5km)
Fri 15 Jan 21 Training Day Biathlon Relays (4 x 7.5 / 4 x 6km)
Sat 16 Jan 21 Training Day Patrol Race Preparation (Slip Day)
Sun 17 Jan 21 DH – Team & Individual Military Patrol
Mon 18 Jan 21 Super G – Team & Individual Slip Day
Main Prize Giving Ceremony
Tue 19 Jan 21 Teams and selected officials de-register and disperse
Wed 20 Jan 21 Remaining officials and Nordic competitors qualifying for Ex RS disperse.

Arrival Instructions

Units are to confirm their arrival plans with Daniela by Mon 4 Jan 21. Units arriving on registration day on Sat 9 Jan 21 are to check in with Daniela at the race office in Villeneuve from 1000hrs to 1600hrs. Accn for SH21 has been organised to cater for standard team sizes, includes free parking, and waxing facilities. Larger teams may need to be split, but every effort will be made to ensure that apartments are close together. Teams will be accommodated in the most cost-efficient manner possible, but individuals will NOT be expected to share double beds. Due to the limitation of accn space, teams are urged to carefully consider the amount of equipment and material they bring, and pack as efficiently as possible.


Ex Director – TBC
Ex Controller – Maj R M Anderson

The Race Office

An Ex Race and Admin Office (Race Office) is located in the old Swimming Pool complex in Villeneuve and will be signposted from the road on registration day. The Ex Controller will be responsible for all financial aspects of the Ex and in particular will monitor lift passes for entitled competitors and officials and collect Race fees. There is no facility for cashing cheques or currency exchange.


The rules for Ex SH follow the AWSA rules, which are adapted from the FIS and IBU (International Biathlon Union) rules respectively.

Useful Tips

There are always handy items that you forget when planning an exercise such as SPARTAN HIKE. To try and ensure that you forget exshthe minimum number of these a list of useful items has been constructed by the SPARTAN HIKE Directing Staff. If you have any useful tips for the exercise that are not included in our list, please contact us via the Contact Us page and we will be happy to include them for the benefit of other participants on future exercises:

  1. Take a Kettle.
  2. Take individual mugs for big brews.
  3. Take old towels and plastic protection covers to use for waxing/cleaning.
  4. Snow chains are essential for the passage over the Col du Lautaret.
  5. Begin the planning phase for the exercise well in advance to ensure that you have enough time to complete the preparations.
  6. Try and obtain sponsorship for your exercise to offset some of the costs.
  7. Buy any new equipment in France as it is generally cheaper, and you can get some good discounts in resort.
  8. Do some pre-exercise fitness training before departing.
  9. Call the Col du Lautaret information line if the weather is bad as it can be closed in extreme weather conditions.
  10. Get your grant applications in early to ensure you can get the money before you depart on the exercise.

Local Information

This section of the site allows you to learn something about the resort of Serre Chevalier itself and the facilities available to theEX SPARTAN HIKE personnel participating in Exercise Spartan Hike. It covers areas of knowledge such as the ESF, the snow conditions, the route down to Serre Chevalier and the facilities contained within the resort itself. Recommendations will be given as to good places to eat, socialise and get your laundry done, as well as the good ski shops to visit.

The Ski Championships will take place at Villeneuve and Le Monetier les Bains.

The villages are 2 of the 13 villages in the Grande Vallee known collectively as Serre Chevalier. The Valley is 18km long served by 9 gondolas, 53 chair lifts, 18 drag lifts and with 47 km of Nordic piste. It is as picturesque as it is varied and steeped in history. Roman Legionnaires once came for treatment from the spa waters, and now skiers are able to breathe the rich clean mountain air of the Ecrins National Park.

The Valley of Serre Chevalier stretches from just below the Col du Lautaret to Briancon. The journey from Calais takes 10-12 hours and is motorway (Peage) as far as Grenoble. The road from Grenoble is signposted Briancon (RN 91) and climbs steadily to the Col du Lautaret, which is 1900m high and may well require snow chains. This part of the French Alps gets a lot of snow and weather conditions can change very suddenly. Once over the pass you drop down into the Serre Chevalier Valley and the first village of note you drive through is Monetier. There are several chair lifts and the Yret Chair rises to just below the Pic De L’Yret at 2830m. The Nordic races are held in the Monetier area.

A further 6km down the Valley the centre of administration for the area is at Villeneuve, which has both ancient and modern architecture. Here the Alpine Championships take place and most of the competitors’ accommodation is situated. The Alpine races usually take place below and to the left of the middle station known as the “Frejus”. However, the downhill race is above Frejus on the Clot Gauther drag lift which takes you to the summit of the same name at 2589m.

The 4 main villages of Serre Chevalier contain a vast array of facilities, all of which are available to the competitors on Spartan Hike. Detailed below are the facilities and some other related information that you may find useful upon arrival.

Office du Tourisme Serre Chevalier:

Tel: +33 (0)4 92 24 98 98

Fax: +33 (0)4 92 24 98 84

Lift Pass Costs

Alpine Lift Passes

Visitors and Pre-training skiing prior to SH will benefit from discounted lift passes. In order to secure the discounted rate, lift passes are to be booked by the following deadline with Daniela POC:

  • Visitors/Individuals 10% discount – 3 days prior to 1st ski day.

Ski Hire

There are many places to hire skis within resort. Most shops offer up to 20% discounts to military customers personnel. Regis Sport, located in the village centre and near the Race Office, have a wide range of quality skis suitable for all disciplines within both Alpine and Nordic. Sport 2000 located in the village centre, near the tourism office.


Petrol Stations: The nearest garages en route that accept Esso Fuel cards are in Grenoble and Gap. Both towns are more than an hour’s drive away. The nearest in-resort garage that accepts Esso Fuel Cards is the Avia garage between Villeneuve and Chantemerle called Vaiani Carburants. There is also another garage 10 minutes away in Briançon: ESSO open 24 hours, 9 route Gap, 05100 Briançon.

In addition, there are 4 post offices and 3 banks and Visa, American Express, Eurocard, Diner’s Card and Mastercard are widely accepted. Most cards can be used for ATM withdrawals (there are 4 in the area).

There are two laundry facilities; one located in the village centre behind the office of tourism and one in the old town of Villeneuve.