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All Disciplines

2021DIN10-013 – Army European Winter Activity Instruction 21-22 (essential direction for all those planning winter sports deployments, covering authorities, clearances, eligibility to public funding and sources of non-public funding)
2021DIN10-016 – Army Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard Exercises 22
2021DIN01-017 – Diplomatic clearance visit procedures for The Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles
2021DIN01-029 – Diplomatic clearance visit procedures for Belgium and Luxembourg | Annex B – Request for DipClear and for The Wearing of Uniform for Belgium and Luxembourg
Guidance for the assurance or Army Representative Sports – Representative level includes Corps and Army representation (Jun 18)
AWSA Safety Management Policy (Dec 17)
JSP 660 Part 1 – Sport in the UK Armed Forces: Directive (Feb 21)
JSP 660 Part 2 – Sport in the UK Armed Forces: Guidance (Feb 21)
AGAI Vol 1 Ch 5 – Sport (Nov 20)
JSP 375 – Chapter 16 – Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation

Reminder on the Use of Military Vehicles
Event organisers are to note that Service Regulations apply at all times to service transport, including vehicles that are hired at public expense. Unless there is a specific exemption, civilians (including spouses of military VIPs) are not permitted to travel in military transport. This will have implications for event organisers, especially with respect to how visitors are looked after. Check out JSP 800 for details.

Ice Sports

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2021DIN10-016 – Army Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard Exercises 22
2020DIN07-046 – Biathlon Rifle Security, Administration and Training
2022 AWSA Nordic Rules
Army Nordic Safe Waxing Guide
Army Nordic Strategy


2021DIN10-016 – Army Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard Exercises 22
ASA Rules 2019-20
ASA Safety and Governance Directive 2019-20


2021DIN10-018 – Ex TELEMARK TITAN 2022
Army Telemark Rules Nov 21
A Guide to the Telemark Racer 2019
FIS Telemark Rules (opens new page)