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Bobsleigh results


By 12 February 2013September 12th, 2022No Comments

There were nine bobs in the Army Championship race:

  1. Lsgt Lamin Deen/Sgt Smudge Smith 1 Gren Gds & 3 PARA
  2. Pte James Steel/Pte Ricky Wilde 3 PARA
  3. Pte Ivan Londal/Pte Jamie Beale 3 PARA
  4. Sgt Billy Bathgate/Cpl Rich Harnott 1RTR
  5. Pte Sam Pemberton/Pte Mike Morris 3 Royal Anglian
  6. Capt Chris Roberts/Capt John Climpson QDG & 3 PARA
  7. LCpl Dale Langan/LCpl Adrian Wong HAC
  8. LCpl Mark Murphie/Pte Daryl Smith 3 PARA
  9. Cpl Nepton Dacres/Pte Devin D’Hotman 3 PARA

It was a fantastic race (no crashes) – the RAF and RN were watching the first run and disappeared quite swiftly after they saw some of the times! All were novices apart from Lamin and Smudge.

The results were:

Army Champion Bob – Lamin/Smudge
Runner Up – James Steel/Ricky Wilde
Fastest Brake – Smudge – Start time of 5.48

Army Novice Champion Bob – James Steel/Ricky Wilde
Runner Up – Ivan Londal/Jamie Beale
Fastest Brake – Ricky Wilde – Start time of 5.63