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Army Sports Lottery Grants

Applications for an ASL Overseas Tour/Courses Grant must be received a minimum of 6 weeks before your departure date or the course start date, these must be accompanied by an ASCB Authority letter issued by

Winter Sports Activity Grants and ICGs are applied for retrospectively; both must be accompanied by a Post Exercise Report (PXR). Applications that do not meet these criteria will not be processed and returned to sender.

The ASL cannot be held responsible for Grant Applications that are not received within these timelines, see the ASL DIN for further information.
Please ensure that all personnel on your nominal roll are Army Sports Lottery Members. An Army Sports Lottery Member is one that has made their first payment through JPA, payments must be paid regularly; i.e. once every month. Members who do not pay a regular payment through JPA are eligible for Army Sports Lottery Grants but must seek further guidance from the ASL Office.

• NEW Application forms for Army Sports Lottery Grants can be found at the following link:
• NEW Army Sports Lottery DIN (2014DIN10-055) can be found at:
• Army Sport Control Board Charitable Fund (ASCB CF) at be found at: