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Winter season 21/22 and continued suspension of OSVs

By 24 March 2021No Comments

Given that a third COVID wave continues to gather pace across Europe, and with Army HQ announcing that OSVs are further suspended until 30 Jun 21, it has been agreed that no decision will be made about the 21/22 Winter Sports (WS) season until at least 1 Sep 21. The following points are to be observed:

  • DP of 1 Sep 21 is agreed by Army HQ, ASCB and the AWSA.
  • AWSA is to retain the responsibility for publication of the AEWAI and Alpine & Nordic Exercise DINs.
  • Both DINs can be published in May to enable organisers to plan for the season, but as per government directives, the country is still not permitted to travel abroad. It must be understood by organisers that the delivery of WS has not yet been authorised by Army HQ. This will be made clear within the DIN.
  • An increased level of scrutiny will be placed on WS activity and Pers Pol must have sight of the DINs before they are released to DCC for publication.
  • Until authorised to do so NO financial commitment is to be made from PF by either AWSA or participating units, until the situation becomes clearer.

Further updates will be advertised on this website and SM platforms as they become known.