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What is Ex RUCKSACK?

Ex RUCKSACK (Ex RS) is the Inter-Service and Army Nordic Skiing Championships. It will take place in Ruhpolding, Germany from 19th January – 04th February 2024. Ruhpolding is situated at 700m in the Chiemgau region of Bavaria where Biathlon World Cup races are held annually.

Aim of Ex RS

The aim of Ex RS is to provide competitors with an arduous and challenging racing programme, using world class facilities and physically demanding, technical courses in order to identify the Inter-Services and Army Champion Nordic Skiers and Nordic Skiing Units of the British Army whilst enhancing the moral and physical components of fighting power.

Movements and Clearances

The Ex Director will apply centrally for Diplomatic Clearance for those teams attending Ex RS. However, in accordance with Ref A all teams, with the potential to qualify for Ex RS, must apply for Transit clearance to Ruhpolding. There are no Ex POL facilities; Unit fuel cards should be used, and the nearest Shell Garage is in the town of Traunstein.


Competitors and teams are to report to the Race Office from 1000 to 2000 hrs on Fri 19 Jan 24. On arrival, all Teams are to:

  1. Check Registration details and pay entry fees.
  2. Provide proof of insurance cover.
  3. Collect initial race entry forms; to be handed in at the Team Captains’ Meeting at 1000hrs Sat 20 Jan 24 in accordance with Ref K.
  4. Collect an Information Pack.
  5. Receive accommodation details.
  6. Sign a weapon security certificate.
  7. Hand in trophies from previous year (engraved). Please ensure Capt Jon Double is made aware prior to Fri 22 Sep 23 of the trophies you are returning.
  8. Hand in any SA80s to the exercise armoury.


  1. Army Qualified Competitors. Self-catering accn is allocated at no charge to Army qualified competitors.
  2. Army Non-Qualified Participants, all RN and RAF Competitors. Self- catering accn is allocated, on repayment (€25 pppn), to Army non-qualified participants, RN and RAF competitors. Army non-qualified competitors may charge this cost to Public Funds through their Unit Travel & Subsistence Budget; subject to their budget manager’s approval, which is to be sought prior to departure. Army Non-Qualified Competitors must be cleared to attend by the Ex Director before departure from Ex PDN or SH.
  3. Visitors. Commanding Officers, Arms and Service Colonels and other Senior Officers, spectators who wish to visit Ex RS on their own budget are most welcome. All visitors are to book and pay for their own accn and travel.
  4. Visitor Accn. The following hotel accn is situated close to the town centre:

Team Captains’ Meetings

TCs are to attend the first TCs’ Meeting at 1000 hrs on Sat 20 Jan 24 in the Race Office and subsequently as published on the programme.


Ex Director – Maj J E Sanford RLC
Race Secretary Capt Adam Keenan MERCIAN