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Ex RACING ICE 1 (Ex RI 1) is the annual Army Novice Ice Camp to be held in Igls, Austria. The exercise comprises of two individual training weeks that are identical.

Week 115 – 21 Jan 24
Week 221 – 27 Jan 24

Regiments and Corps from across the Army can send participants to learn how to Bobsleigh, Skeleton or Luge Bobsleigh in a professional, yet fun environment. Some individuals will be selected to represent their units at Ex RACING ICE 2 (Ex RI 2) which is the Army Novice, Junior and Senior Championship. Those selected will be issued with an administration instruction upon return to their base location. Those successful at Ex RI 2 will stand a good chance of being selected to represent the Army at the Inter Service Championships.

Participants are only able to practice one of the three disciplines during their time in resort. All participants must be current members of the AWSA (£15 per year). Failure to adhere to this will result in your application being rejected. Up to five Army Sport Lottery (ASL) tickets can be used to get £125 off (£25 per ticket) the entry fee, but participants must become members of the ASL and buy their tickets NLT by the end of Nov 23 in order for this deduction to apply.

PosterEntry Forms (CLOSED)Risk AssessmentAdmin Instruction
Bobsleigh Training ObjectivesLuge Training ObjectivesSkeleton Training Objectives


Participants are to ensure that they have written evidence of their insurance policies, GHIC cards and medical clearance from their units for inspection. Failure to produce any of the above documents will result in a person being unable to slide.

Movement and Transport

Participants will require their own transport to and from the APOD in the UK. In Austria, all Ex RI I participants will be transported by AWSA means.

Flights. Units traveling from Germany are requested to assist with the shuttling of participants to the track on a daily basis.


The accommodation will be within the village of Igls (20 minutes from Innsbruck Airport). The cost of accommodation is included within the package deal. The hotel is Landgasthof Walzl, LANS Dorfstraße 56A-6072 Lans, Austria Tel.: +43/512/370 380.


Approximate Participant Costs. The cost of the Ice Camp is part of a package deal that includes; travel to and from Austria, ½ board accommodation at the Landgasthof Walzl, coaching fees, track fees and equipment hire. In addition to the package cost, personal will be required to cover adequate personal protective equipment, supplemental food and travel/winter sports insurance.  Units are encouraged to support individuals in order to keep their costs to a minimum.  Other costs can be covered from CILOR, Army Sports Lottery grants, COPF, and the Berlin Memorial Fund (if applicable).  The table lists the costs for the camp:

Item Cost £ Remarks
UK based units 550 Package deal
Germany based units 450 Package deal
Royal Navy 700 Package deal
Civilians 800 Package deal
Motorcycle helmet 50 Bobsleigh only
Ice sports insurance 25 Per person, per week


Army Sport Lottery (ASL). The AWSA will make a central application to the ASL on behalf of each athlete. An ASL Winter Sports grant of £25 per ticket an applicant holds is payable for an authorised winter sports activity (WSA) and will be deducted from the overall entry fee. Up to five Army Sport Lottery (ASL) tickets can be used to get £125 off (£25 per ticket) the entry fee, but participants must become members of the ASL and buy their tickets NLT by the end of Nov 23 in order for this deduction to apply. Only one grant per season will be made to each ASL member. Individuals are not officially members of the ASL until the first payment has been received through JPA; this can take 6-8 weeks after applying for membership. Full details can be found on the ASL website.

Berlin Infantry Brigade Memorial Trust Fund (BIBMTF). Units may apply for a Winter Sports grant of circa £25 per person, subject to confirmation, from the BIBMTF charitable trust. These bids are to be consolidated at unit level to encompass all disciplines and are to be submitted electronically direct to the Trust Secretary, email:, copy to Secretary ASCB. Grants will be allocated from October onwards.


Sponsorship of the AWSA and individual disciplines is subject to separate ASCB instructions.

Units fortunate enough to obtain sponsorship or a voluntary donation are to be aware that this is to be applied to offset non-public costs. Therefore, MOD resources and assets must not be used to raise such sponsorship.  MOD officially-headed paper is not be used to give an impression that sponsors are supporting an official MOD organisation; correspondence must be on behalf of the PRI, not on behalf of the unit.  Sponsors may not use Regimental badges or the Army Badge (crossed swords) in promotional material linked to non-public sponsorship.  If vehicles are provided as part of the sponsorship, the cost of maintenance, fuel, insurance, etc. must be met by the sponsor or from non-public funds.

All dealings with sponsors or potential sponsors must adhere to the following key principles: impartiality; honesty and integrity; avoidance of conflict of interest; safeguarding reputation; accountability; regularity and propriety; avoidance of official endorsement of sponsor and/or their products. It is recommended that written agreements are put in place for all sponsorship activities.  Any queries regarding sponsorship should be referred to the AWSA Sponsorship Secretary via email at  All Team Captains/individuals fortunate enough to be in receipt of sponsorship are to inform OIC Protocol and the Exercise Commander (Ex Comd) at Registration.

Corps & PRI Funds. Regt and sub-unit PRI funds can be used, and encouraged, to offset individual costs.


Unit representatives or individuals are responsible for financing their own feeding outside of that provided with the accommodation package.  Units/Individuals are to apply for CILOR.  No payments or authorisations will be issued whilst at Igls or after the exercise. Accounting for CILOR is to be conducted in accordance with the JSP.

Track Fees. AWSA will fund all track fees.

Allowances and Charges. Except where specifically authorised. Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) and Longer Separation Allowance (LSA) are inadmissible for Sport or other WSA.  Subsistence allowances are not admissible for participants or competitors in Sport or other WSA.  Key Safety Officials in Sport, including WSA, may be eligible.  Individuals who are not accommodated at Public expense may be refunded Single Living Accommodation charges and the Daily Food Charge, when incurred.

Equipment and Insurance


All equipment is provided, less the following, which individuals are to provide:

– Full face motorcycling helmets with the 2 D-Ring fastenings. This is a safety issue as the clip style fastening without modification is not accepted as the authorised type for Army Bobsleigh. Avoid dark visors in order to ensure optimum visibility. Helmets with the modification inserted to enable air filtering when closed (to prevent steaming up inside) are ideal. Alternative helmets such as motor cross which have additional structural features are not acceptable (too bulky when in the bobsleigh).
– Warm weather gloves are necessary for track walks etc, however if gloves are to be worn whilst bobsleighing, these need to be thin to enable greater dexterity and feel for the hands.
– Needle spikes.
Further info from

– Gloves (issue flying gloves/cross country skiing gloves recommended).
Further info from


– Thin gloves
– Long tight bottoms such as leggings or running trousers that you don’t mind getting wet
– Layers or a jumper but nothing with a hood
– Long socks
– Warm boots (military ones are fine)
– Swim wear if the hotel had a sauna
– Something to take notes with
– Daysack
– Water bottle
– Insurance and declaration form (hand this in on the first day prior to sliding)

– Padding (such as roll matt for your elbows; shin pads are a good option as you can cut the ankle part off to use on your arms)
– Ankle protectors
– Gum shield (you can get these for free through the dental centre)
– Ice track such as these for walking inside the track
– Paracetamol
– Arnica cream

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All participants must have valid ice sports insurance and a valid GHIC card. Insurance can be obtained from Towergate Wilson (01242 533792) or Insignia Underwriting (+44 (0) 1722 597980), and GHIC cards are available free of charge online. Note that other websites may charge up to £50 to middleman the application, so please ensure your soldiers use the official Gov site.