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Exercise NORDIC WHITE FIST will not take place in 2021, but will return in January 2022. This will be the 35th year of the Championship and the 25th anniversary of the competition being hosted in Hochfilzen, Austria.



Exercise NORDIC WHITE FIST is the Nordic championships for the Household Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Artillery and Army Air Corps. It provides an introduction to biathlon ski racing and a competitive environment for novice and experienced ski teams in preparation for the Divisional and Army Championships.

Aim of Ex NWF

  1. Host the Corps Nordic Ski Championships for the RAC, RA and AAC.
  2. Provide an introduction to biathlon ski racing for novice and experienced ski teams in preparation for competition at the Regional and Army Championships.
  3. Develop tough, resilient competitors capable of adapting to extremes of environment.
  4. Continue to foster the excellent relationship enjoyed with the Austrian military and people of Hochfilzen.


The rules for EX NORDIC WHITE FIST follow the AWSA rules, which are adapted from the FIS and IBU (International Biathlon Union) rules.

Team Captains are expected to have a copy of these rules. In addition, all competitors are to possess a EHIC card and accident insurance that includes helicopter extraction. A photocopy of each competitor’s EHIC will be required on registration.

Useful Tips

  • Begin the planning phase for the exercise well in advance to ensure that you have enough time to complete the preparations.
  • Try and obtain sponsorship for your exercise to offset some of the costs.
  • Do some pre-exercise fitness training before departing for the exercise.
  • Get your grant applications in early to ensure you can get the money before you depart on the exercise.

Local Information

  • Information on the Hochfilzen biathlon stadium can be found here:
  • A plan of the Hochfilzen biathlon stadium can be downloaded here.
  • Information on the Pillersee Tal region can be found here:
  • Teams wishing to secure their own private accommodation must contact Ms Martina Trixl at the Pilersee Tal Tourist Office. Emails must be headed ‘Ex Nordic White Fist 18 Accommodation Request. Ms Trixl can be contacted at: Tourist Office PillerseeTal, Dorfplatz 1, 6391 Fieberbrunn, tel +43.(0)5354.56304, fax +43.(0)5354.56304-60, email:


Ex ControllerMaj DJE Berry