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By 5 January 2022No Comments

Having posted earlier updates regarding the cancellation of the Army Alpine and Telemark Championships, the AWSA wishes to further announce that the UKAFWSA intends to hold firm with regards to the completion of its Championship programme. The only event set to be held in France is the Snow Sports Championships and it is hoped that restrictions may be lifted sufficiently to allow this event to go ahead. Single Services are working together to achieve success.

The Army Alpine, Snowboard and Telemark committees are currently working up plans for the selection of personnel to Inter Service teams, and if necessary, training camps with programmes sufficient to ensure the Army can compete at a safe and competitive level.

In the coming days, details will be made available through respective Discipline committees to Unit and Corps organisers and Team Captains, to ascertain availability of athletes and Hill Team Staff. In the meantime, known Army Team Athletes are asked to contact their respective Army Team Managers and Coaches to indicate their levels of availability for their respective Inter Service events.

As an Association, we ask that you all lean as we try to achieve some level of activity so that muscle memory of participation, coaching and officiating at the highest level is not totally lost for another year.

For further detail please contact the respective Discipline leads or the Sec AWSA.