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By 17 December 2021No Comments

Today, the AWSA has discussed the current restrictions imposed by France, with both the LOC and senior members of the Army, and how they may affect Corps and Army Championships over the coming weeks.

The message for now is for us all to hold our nerve and see out the current situation, we continue to plan for success and will review things in the New Year. There appears to be a 5 Jan 22 DP for a review of the situation and the snr echelons of the Army agree that this is a reasonable date, as it is post the festive season and prior to the major Army Qualifying Championships.

In regard to the Exercises that are due to deploy in the coming weeks/days, it is likely they will be severely disrupted or even cancelled, unfortunate as it is, we have to abide by the Host Nation’s direction. Corps should review the options available and retain close links with the AWSA office as decisions are made.

Regarding the Army Qualifying Championships (SPARTAN HIKE and PIPEDOWN) and the various Army Championships leading to the Inter Service Championships, we are again holding our nerve in the hope the situation changes. Should these events be allowed to continue, all committees are working up plans to review their respective programmes which will enable racing to continue in a climate of reduced activity to ensure levels of competitive risk remain tolerable.

Rest assured we are engaged with the French resorts, French offices of tourism and the various Def Sections. We will post here as more is understood.