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Following the recent announcement by the French Government in lifting the restrictions imposed on UK Nationals traveling into France, the AWSA has been able to salvage the remaining stages of the season. Having sought and received agreement and authority from Army HQ, the current situation is:

Army Telemark, Snowboard and Alpine (Ex Lion’s Challenge) teams (for selected individuals and officials) will now conduct formal training in readiness for the Inter Service Snow Sport Championships (ISSSC). Training will be conducted over the course of the next 12 days under the direction of the respective Discipline Cttes, with the ISSSC taking place in Meribel between 30 Jan to 5 Feb 22.

Cresta – will continue as planed in Switzerland over the period 19 Jan to 3 Feb 22.

Ice Sports – Racing Ice 1, the novice trg camp scheduled due 23 Jan to 6 Feb 22, has been cancelled (details have been sent to all concerned individuals under separate arrangements). Racing Ice 2 & Inter Services/Ice Festival will take place over the period 20 Feb to 5 Mar 22 in Innsbruck, Austria. RI2 will take place in the first week and IS/Ice Festival will take place in the second week.

Ex SNOWJACK – the Army Snowboard Championships, having been postponed in Jan, will now take place over the period 19 Mar to 1 Apr 22 at the same venue in Flachau, Austria. Individuals wishing to enter this event are invited to contact the Snowboard Discipline Ctte for details.

Specific details associated with all Army level activity can be obtained from the AWSA website or by contacting the respective Discipline Leads.

Corps level – With the vast majority of Training Camps and Championships having either concluded or been cancelled prior to lifting of the French restrictions, the following events are still authorised to proceed subject to changes to current restrictions in both Germany and Austria. Exercise leads will advise the AWSA should it become untenable to continue to run the exercise or should restrictions not be lifted in sufficient time to proceed. If and when this becomes the case, direction will be advertised via this means.

Ex Name Type Country Date From Date To
Ex EAGLE SKI 22 AAC Alpine Trg Champ and Championships France 21 Jan 22 30 Jan 22
Ex SKI RLC 22 RLC Nordic and Alpine Championships Germany 13 Feb 22 25 Feb 22
EX MERCURY SNOWRIDER 22 R SIGS Snowboarding Training Camp Austria 26 Feb 22 12 Mar 22
EX SNOWBOARD HUCKER 7 AGC & Int Corps Snowboarding Training Camp Austria 26 Feb 22 11 Mar 22
EX WHITE LION 22 AGC Apline Championships Austria 06 Mar 22 20 Mar 22
EX LOGISTIC BOARDER 22 RLC Snowboarding Champs Austria 12 Mar 22 01 Apr 22
EX SNOW BUCK 21/22 AMS Snowboarding Championships and Trg Camp Austria 24 Mar 22 07 Apr 22

Given that all other Exercises have now been cancelled, the AWSA will not be authorising any further activities for units and individuals to run additional ad hoc training to use up un-used ‘days away’ in accordance with the AEWAI DIN, 2021DIN10-013.