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AWSA Direction and Guidance Update

By 3 August 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

All winter activity is subject to ongoing Government, MOD and Host Nation direction that may be issued in the weeks and months leading to the 2020 Winter Season. Event organisers are to be aware that the Land Operations Command (LOC) will determine on 1 Sep 20 whether winter activity will take place between Sep 20 and Mar 21.

Event Organisers may apply to the Sec AWSA for authority to commence the planning phase of their exercises but are advised not to commit funds until a result has been confirmed on 1 Sep. Furthermore a subsequent level of authorisation will be imposed by the ASCB following the 1 Sep 20 decision. More details of this process will follow in the very near future.

Event organisers should also be aware that all winter travel is governed by direction from the UK and Host Nation Governments. As a result GBT (HRG) have introduced a contact website, Travel VitalsTM, to look at all travel as it continually updates.