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AWSA COVID-19 Update: Mon 5 Oct 20

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For the attention of: All Exercise Controllers/Directors – anyone involved in the organisation of Winter Sport Activity

Whilst we still await a formal decision on the Winter Sports season we are now in a position to advise you of the proposal that has been agreed by the ASCB for final consideration by the LOC and DCGS. It is appreciated that the situation may still change, but as least having this information we believe you will be able to make an assumption on the likely outcome to help your planning estimates and discussions with your resorts.

4 COAs have been proposed of which 1 – 3 range from a full season to a scaled down version of all events, COA 4 recommends no mass participation events, only Army level trg camps. A further COA presented by the LOC was to cancel the season out to Mar 21. All options had to comply with HMG direction on numbers attending for all outdoor sports. All COAs were put forward, however COA 4 was recommended as the most likely to be considered if anything from the season could be salvaged.

Furthermore, any activity to be conducted will require a much higher level of scrutiny with final authority being granted by the ASCB against current HMG, FIS and Host Nation D&G. The latest FIS COVID D&G is below.

FIS COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines and FIS COVID-19 Risk Management.

Until a formal decision has been made we hope this information will help, if you require anything further please contact the Sec AWSA, Lt Col (Retd) S Davis on