In Army winter sports determination is required to carry out daily and rigorous training and to complete often dangerous or exhausting events. Decision-making under extreme pressure is practiced all the time and often has to be carried out in milliseconds. These are all requirements for the modern-day soldier. Part of routine Army Winter Warfare Training includes teaching some soldiers to ski. From this basic level the more talented progress to various Army Ski Championships or branch out into the other winter sports disciplines.

Conveyance of Weapons and Ammunition

Ex organisers and Team Captains are to be aware of the potential security risk in the event that teams have to return to the UK prior to original travel dates and times and have to wait at Terminals for available travel slots.

The potential exists for increased security risk due to illegal immigrants trying to access vehicles to cross to the UK as the items carried are Attractive to Criminal and Terrorist Organisations (ACTO).

This issue must be considered, therefore Ex organisers and Team Captains are to engage with travel companies prior to arrival at the point of departure to ascertain if an agreement can be made for immediate crossing if notified several hours in advance for those vehicles with weapons / ammunition on board.

Please note these exercises may not take place in the event that the Land Operation Command (LOC) suspends all Winter Activity until 31 Mar 21.


Links to web pages for the main AWSA Championships can be followed below – filter these by selecting ‘Army’ in the Level dropdown filter.

LevelCorpsDisciplineActivityEx NameCountryFromToEx ConPhone No
CorpsAMSNordic & BiathlonTrg CampEx NORDIC SERPENT 20Norway29/11/202019/12/2020Maj Matt Garwood95361 7676
CorpsAMSAlpine Trg CampEx ALPINE SERPENT 20Norway05/12/202019/12/2020Maj Matt Garwood95361 7676
CorpsR SIGNALSAlpine Elite Team Trg CampEx ALPINE MERCURY RACERFrance03/01/202109/01/2021Lt Callum Moreman07875 394082
CorpsREMEAlpine, Snowboard, TelemarkTrg CampEx SUPREME GLACIER 20Austria06/11/202012/12/2020Capt Stuart I Kitchen07414 403243
CorpsREMEAlpine, Nordic, SnowboardWinter Sports ChampsEx SNOW SPANNER 21Austria05/02/202113/02/2021Capt Stuart I Kitchen07414 403243
CorpsAMSSnowboardTrg Camp and ChampsEx SNOW BUCK 21Austria09/01/202123/01/2021Maj Joanna Yarker07971 868327
CorpsAGCAlpine Trg CseEx ALPINE WHITE CUB 20Austria16/10/202028/10/2020Col I G Large92332 444057
CorpsRAAlpineTrg Camp and ChampsEx ALPINE TIGER 20/21 - Phase 1France29/11/202018/12/2020Maj Chris Wane (Vice Chair)
Capt Lee Stoddart (Sec)
07968 596404
07818 271153
CorpsRAAlpineTrg Camp and ChampsEx ALPINE TIGER 20/21 - Phase 2France31/12/202008/01/2021Maj Chris Wane (Vice Chair)
Capt Lee Stoddart (Sec)
07968 596404
07818 271153
CorpsRLCSnowboardChampsEx LOGISTIC BOARDERAustria09/01/202129/01/2021Capt Kevin Halbert94321 3491
CorpsAGCAlpineChampsEx WHITE LION 21Austria06/03/202120/03/2021Col I G Large (Director)
Lt Col G Fraser (2IC/AO)
92332 444057
07717 262425
CorpsAMSAlpine, NordicSki ChampsEx RUTHERFORD SERPENT 21France21/01/202106/02/2021Col M A Toney07884 431451
CorpsAMSAlpineElite Athlete Race TrgEx SPEEDY DRAGON 21France03/01/202108/01/2021Capt Eliot Digby-Jones07814 598319
ArmyAlpine, NordicQualifying Champs 2Ex PIPEDOWN 21France09/01/202120/01/2021Lt Col Rick Eve
ArmyAlpine, NordicQualifying Champs 1Ex SPARTAN HIKE 21France09/01/202120/01/2021Maj Ross Anderson
ArmyAlpineTri Service Foundation Ski ChampsEx SNOW LION 21Scotland28/02/202106/03/2021Capt Jessica Perfect94342 3763
ArmyTelemarkChampsEx TELEMARK TITANFrance09/01/202121/01/2021Maj Rich Wright
ArmySnowboardChampsEx SNOW JACKAustria19/01/202129/01/2021
ArmyAlpineChampsEx LION'S CHALLENGE 21France19/01/202129/01/2021
ArmyBobsleigh, Luge, SkeletonTrg CampEx RACING ICE 1Austria29/01/202107/02/2021WO2 Graham Holmes94658 5139
ArmyBobsleigh, Luge, SkeletonChampsEx RACING ICE 2Norway08/03/202112/03/2021Capt Sarah Smith
ArmyNordicChampsEx RUCKSACK 21Germany20/01/202105/02/2021Maj Adam Lloyd
Inter-ServiceAlpine, Snowboard, TelemarkIS ChampsISSSCFrance30/01/202106/02/2021
Inter-ServiceBobsleigh, Luge, SkeletonIS ChampsISSSCNorway15/03/202119/03/2021
Inter-ServiceCrestaIS ChampsPrince Phillip TrophySwitzerland04/02/202104/02/2021
CorpsInfAlpineTrg Camp and ChampsEx ALPINE FROSTED BLADE 36France05/12/202009/01/2021Capt Thomas Yaxley07969 663113
CorpsR SIGSAlpineTrg Camp and ChampsEx ALPINE MERCURY GLACIER 20Austria16/11/202019/12/2020Capt Carmen Bergne07528 416793
CorpsRLCAlpineElite Trg CampEx ALPINE NORGE FOX 20Norway14/11/202020/11/2020Capt L Diprose07572 459522
CorpsRLCAlpineTrg CampEx ALPINE KNEES BEND 20Norway21/11/202019/12/2020Capt L Diprose07572 459522
CorpsInfNordicElite & Trg CampEx INFANTRY NORDIC SWORD 20 - Elite & Phase 1Sweden17/11/202019/12/2020Lt Jean-Marc Roberti07419 981766
CorpsInfNordicChampsEx INFANTRY NORDIC SWORD 20 - Phase 2France03/01/202109/01/2021Lt Jean-Marc Roberti07419 981766