A big thank you to our AWSA sponsors!

with their help thousands of soldiers are able to participate in winter sports:



The Skiers Trust has had a long association with snowsport National Governing Bodies and has provided a considerable number of Financial Grants each year to Groups and Individuals from Great Britain of all skiing disciplines. The trust meets twice a year to consider grant applications. If you wish to apply for a grant please use the application forms on this page. Applications close at the end of March and August – those missing the deadline will be held over until the next meeting.

Originally founded in 1966, the aims and objectives of the Trust are:

–  Promoting the efficiency of the Armed Forces with opportunities to experience skiing; and providing instruction, coaching and equipment for skiing.
–  Improving access to the sport, by instruction, coaching, equipment, transport and assisting with expenses for the advancement of the amateur sport.
–  Providing support to those who are talented at skiing and wish to develop their ability in skiing.
–  The advancement of education and training in ski safety and ski instructing and coaching.
–  Providing education about the geography, geology, meteorology, ecology, environmental issues and other physical characteristics of skiing areas.
–  The advancement of health or the saving of lives by promoting healthy recreation and supporting people in becoming more physically active.
–  Improve their health and quality of life to those who have suffered or are suffering from a skiing related injury or illness.
–  The advancement of environmental protection or improvement, to projects and programmes designed to preserve and improve skiing environments.
–  Providing support to research into ski safety; and the relief of those in need those who have participated in, or contributed to, the sport of skiing.
–  The advancement by research into the geography, geology, meteorology, ecology, environmental and other physical characteristics of skiing areas.

For further information please visit www.skierstrust.co.uk.