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Snowboarding Championships 2017

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Snowboarding Championships 2017

Over 800 personnel across the Army have participated in organised snowboarding events from Corps to national level this season, and the Championships attracted 63 experienced riders from all Corps less Infantry and RAC who were unfortunately unable to generate any competitors this year. There was also a marked decrease in unit entries this year, with a corresponding greater focus on Corps teams. The events all require a high level of technical skill, fitness and agility with snowboard-cross demanding exacting control over a high speed, contoured course as riders jostle for position with three other riders, and slopestyle demanding courage and skill as riders perform tricks over huge kickers, boxes and rails. Experience ranged from over 10 years of riding to as little as 3 weeks!

Concurrent with this Championships three riders (all RE) were competing at the British Championship (BRITS) in Laax. Noteably Maj Jess Drew gained 2nd place in the Womens Veterans class of snowboard-cross, Cpl Chris Gregory and LCpl Matty Hannah gained 4th and 7th position in the Men’s Open snowboard-cross. An exceptional achievement all round, particularly since they were competing against professional riders including several British Olympians.

Winners are summarised below:

  • Overall Open Individual Winner – Cpl Maki Rees-Stavros REME MAB7
  • Overall Veteran (over 35) Open Individual Winner – SSgt Phil Mulligan RSIGS 7 Bn REME
  • Overall Intermediate Mens Individual Winner – LCpl Matthew Hooper RE 42 Engr Regt
  • Overall Intermediate Womens Individual Winner – Lt Jo Szczyglowska RE 101 Engr Regt (EOD)
  • Overall Newcomer Individual Winner – Cfn Daniel Robinson REME 6 Regt RLC
  • Overall U21 Open Individual Winner – LCpl Joe Donaldson RLC 11 (EOD) Regt RLC
  • Overall Women’s Corps Team Winner – RA
  • Overall Open Corps Team Winner – R SIGNALS
  • Overall Unit Team Winner – 6 Regt RLC